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Rio Hamasaki Screenshots

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012



Masturbation is the best pleasure…….

sexy fucking on the Japanese tatami!


Is she crying or is she enjoying in the forest?

Beach party with Rio and time to discover what is inside of the orange bikini…..


Anxiety of Apartment Complex Wife

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Studio Number: IESP-469

Studio: IEnergy

Rio makes a call to her husband and they engage in some naughty talk over the phone. On his instruction, she rubs lotion over her breasts and squeezes them so that she moans out. She sucks on her fingers and spreads her saliva over her nipples before reaching down to her pussy. She fingers her pussy and reaches an orgasm while talking on the phone.

Rio has dinner with her husband and his friend but when her husband passes out, the friend offers to help her out in the kitchen. However, he grabs her breasts and pulls them out before pushing her down. He pulls out his cock and forces her to suck on it without giving her a chance to breathe until he releases over her mouth.

Rio returns to the apartment complex after some shopping but her neighbour grabs her in the hallways and fondles her breasts. She moans out and with some luck the janitor cleaning the windows never hears so the neighbour pulls her breasts out and sucks on her nipples. He drops down and removes her panties and fingers her so that her fluids fly all over the ground. The janitor is none the wiser but her husband’s friend arrives on the floor and saves her from this lecherous neighbour.

She enters her apartment with the friend but he pounces on her and pulls her breasts out as his other hand removes her panties. She falls down and he follows her so that he can make her squirt all over the tatami mats. He brings her to the kitchen where he gets her to deep throat his penis and even uses her tits to titty-fuck himself. He places one of her legs on top of a table and fucks her in the kitchen before dragging her to the bedroom and finishing her off in there.

The men of the complex sneak into Rio’s apartment and tie her legs together along with her wrists. They pull out her breasts and fondle them as they also rub the tops of her panties. They pull out vibrators and uses them on her nipples and pussy causing her to leak out right through her panties. They take them off and place the vibrator right on her clitoris as they make her use her mouth or breasts to stiffen their cocks. The one man fucks her as she lies on top of the table and releases into her pussy before the other man does the same to her but when he pulls out she sends a huge stream of fluid into the air.


Big breasts wife no bra temptation

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Studio: Goro Tameike

Studio # MDYD-647

Husband is unhappy with Bun ??Ri not remember the boredom and marriage, a young Lee would ?I ax. Her secret was such fun, you can seduce a man while her husband is not … become not only between husband bra, bra tits he invites. Ax men are invited to be exhilarated nipples than the desire to become a sacrifice than ax.

Rio Hamasaki : big breasts wife no bra temptation

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Actress: Rio Hamasaki

Studio: Goro Tameike

Product Number: MDYD-647

I learn boredom in young wife, a married life to be satisfied with a husband, and, in marriage the third year, the body is young aches. While there isn’t a husband, while there isn’t a temptation.. husband, I become the without a bra, and the secret pleasure of such her provokes a man with the without a bra breast. The men provoked by a nipple to be cheered up by become the sacrifice of the  greed.

Screenshots from Rio Hamasaki

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Rio Hamasaki is a real sexy Japanese av busty idol. Look at this hottie babe dressed in elegant white underwear, or the blue bikinis…no one here can hold himself….